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Best Person in the World: Ivan Owen

I had the enormous pleasure of spending two days filming 3D printing genius Ivan Owen for ABC News’ Best Person in the World series.  Ivan is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met, let alone captured on film.  Check out the short documentary below and let your heart flutter.

Best Person in the World: Ivan Owen from Erik Hecht on Vimeo.


Inspirado: True Detective

The True Detective title sequence is incredible. HBO never disappoints.

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Surfer’s Hymn

I cannot stop watching/being jealous of this video.

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Inspirado: Adidas, All In

French filmmaker Romain Gavras directed this pulse pumping spot for Adidas, and I can't stop watching it.  It's chock full of badasses doing badass things, edited perfectly to a badass track by Justice that my speakers, ironically, can't do justice to.  Crank it up and get stoked for the weekend.

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Wow, file this under "I wish I thought of that."


Chris Jordan and The Midway Project

Filmmaker Riley Morton conducted the above interview with photographer Chris Jordan on his Midway Project photo series, and with the accompaniment of a beautifully somber musical score by my dear friend MzKenzie Stubbert ( has created a tragic and motivating short documentary.  It is definitely worth your time, and is an excellent example of the power of imagery.

You can see more of Chris Jordan's photography here.


Mike Horn and The Pangaea

Last week, the Chase Jarvis Inc team and I had the distinct honor of spending the day in the company of world renowned explorer Mike Horn.  Mike's list of accomplishments is staggering.  He's circumnavigated both the equator and the Arctic Circle unassisted, swam the Amazon River on a hydrospeed and, alongside Børge Ousland, was the first person to ever walk to the North Pole in the Arctic Winter.  Needless to say, Mike is an incredibly inspiring person, so we jumped at the opportunity to bring him into the studio for an impromptu appearance on Chase Jarvis LIVE  (you can listen to the audio podcast of the episode here), but by far the highlight of his visit was being welcomed aboard The Pangaea.

The Pangaea is something of a cross between a luxury yacht and a tank.  35 meters from from bow to stern, 10 meters at its beam with an aluminum hull and state of the art communication and media capabilities.  After touring the vessel we eventually settled into the ship's 16-seat conference room for an evening packed with wine, Mumm champagne, Thai food, and amazing stories from the man himself.

Click the "continue reading" button for the rest of the story and a whole lotta photos...


The Decemberists and The Impossible Project

Photographer Autumn de Wilde shot 2,500 type 100 Polaroids of The Decemberists as they recorded their new album "The King is Dead" and cut this video together with the results:

The film stock was generously donated by The Impossible Project, who will also be selling a limited edition promotion box of the album which will include a dvd making-of the album, a hardcover book featuring 250 of Autumn's Polaroids, and a one-of-a-kind original Polaroid from the aforementioned set.

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Dead Island Trailer

Thanks to Dartanyon for showing me this.  As I watched it I thought about Roger Ebert's journal entry on how video games could never be art (a claim which he later redacted).  It's incredibly impressive as it is, but this would be phenomenal as a live action short. Also, Hollywood (since I'm sure Hollywood reads my blog), please start making movie trailers like this. Stop showing me a 2 minute 30 second condensed version of your film and stop giving away the ending. All you need to do is make me want to see more. I will definitely check this game out. Mission accomplished.

More Dead Island Videos
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Everything Is A Remix

I don't know whether to find this video disheartening or inspiring. I suppose it's disheartening as a moviegoer, but perhaps inspiring as a filmmaker. It's good to know that I'm not the only unoriginal dude with a camera.

This really makes me want to do a split screen of one of my own films to show what I was ripping off when I made it...

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