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Best Person in the World: Ivan Owen

I had the enormous pleasure of spending two days filming 3D printing genius Ivan Owen for ABC News’ Best Person in the World series.  Ivan is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met, let alone captured on film.  Check out the short documentary below and let your heart flutter.

Best Person in the World: Ivan Owen from Erik Hecht on Vimeo.


Seattle in 4K

I took my new Panasonic GH4 for a quick helicopter flight around Seattle for some 4K goodness.  All the aerial footage was shot handheld with the Panasonic 12-25mm f/2.8 lens.  Edited with Adobe Premiere, graded with Magic Bullet.

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Portrait of a City

I was the director of photography and editor on this documentary on music culture in Seattle. It's based on Chase's book Seattle 100 and was co-produced by Chase Jarvis Inc and KCTS9. This one was a huge learning experience for me, being so involved in the process of adapting Chase's personal photo project into a television show, but the highlight was getting to spend two days on set with so many influencers in Seattle's music scene like John Roderick, Riz Rollins, Macklemore, John Richards, Megan Jasper, Joshua Roman, and the always right Charles Mudede.

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Aspen – Behind The Scenes

I had a blast shooting this behind the scenes video of the Chase Jarvis/Aspen Snowmass 2013 campaign.


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Planes, Trains, and Snowmobiles

This is what happens when you ask "the video guy" to shoot behind the scenes stills...

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New REI Spot

I edited this broadcast REI spot (and shot about a third of it) with Chase Jarvis.  Check out our quick behind the scenes video about the RC helicopter we used to get the aerial shots after the jump.

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Dasein: The Art of Being

I spent the month of May documenting Chase Jarvis' Artist in Residency at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan.  We installed an ever-changing photo gallery in their lobby and invited the world to contribute snapshots that we rotated through daily in order to emphasize the notion of "being there".  I found the subject matter fascinating and put my best efforts forward to create a compelling documentary about the ideas that Chase was exploring.

Shot and edited by yours truly with original music by McKenzie Stubbert.



Ever see an amazing photo or video on the internet and think to yourself "I wish I made that"? I had one of those moments about a year ago when I saw this video:

The calming mellowness, the sound, those beautiful bokeh'ed out lights in the background, everything about it made the hairs on the back of my cameraman neck stand on end. Usually these moments get filed away in the "Wish I Thought of That" folder in my mind, but this time I decided to actually do something about it. I knew the videos were filmed in KEXP's studio here in Seattle, so I emailed their Online Content Manager. I told him I was blown away by the work they were doing and that I didn't care whether or not they were paying their camera guys (KEXP is a non-profit, so they weren't), I just wanted in. I sent him my reel, he enthusiastically accept my request, and a few days later I was in the studio filming this:

The shoot couldn't have been simpler. One camera on a tripod getting the wide shot while I got up close and handheld with my trusty manual Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. Quick, painless, epic. This all happened right around the time that I started transitioning to full time employment with Chase Jarvis, so I would only shoot a couple more in-studios with the KEXP crew before my availability became too limited. Regardless, it was a highlight of my freelance days and, moreover, it felt amazing to actually follow through on something I wanted to do. Granted, it was a low barrier of entry being that it was unpaid work for a radio station only a couple miles away from my home, but still...

KEXP has over 1,500 live videos on their YouTube channel. I highly recommend exploring their content. I'll even help you get started by pointing out a couple performances from two of my favorite Seattle bands:

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REI Spots with Chase Jarvis

Last winter marked my first gig on location with Chase Jarvis (it was during this trip that Chase invited me to come work full time for him).  It was a catalog shoot for REI in Telluride Colorado and Chase brought me and cinematographer Christopher Bell along to shoot a handful of video spots.  Chris shot with his RED ONE and I assisted him and did some shooting too with my Canon 7D.  I edited all of the videos, and for this first one we got REI to license a music track from my good buddy Cameron Patterson.  Cam and I played little league together when we were kids, so it was cool to get the opportunity to collaborate with him on a professional scale.

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From The Well, Vol. 1: Unnatural Selection

Back in 2009, over the course of several months, I documented sculptor/illustrator/friend Michael Alm's creation of his Unnatural Selection gallery. The above video was sent out into the world to promote the opening of the show, and a much longer silent version played on a loop during the opening night.

The main focus of the video was to showcase Michael's work, but we also wanted to give the viewer a sense of just how much time went into the creation of the pieces. The original music by McKenzie Stubbert was a much needed addition to the video, it really drives the sense of time and sets a perfect tone for the somewhat unsettling nature of the project.

Hit the continue reading link for more words about the music, the production and some photos.

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